2011 Ferrari FF

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Class    : High-End Performance Coupe
Seating Capacity    : 4 passengers
This model is equipped with a 6 3L V12 engine The resulting 670 horsepower is impressive the average high-end performance coupe has 550 hp for model year 2011 As for low-end grunt: in a class where 398 ft-lbs is the norm torque is quite substantial at 504 ft-lbs    :
Power    : 670

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2011 Ferrari FF

Power 670
Torque 504
Interior Features Leather Upholstery Compare Cars with standard Leather Upholstery
Safety Features Compare by Safety Features
Stability Control
Tire Pressure Monitoring
Traction Control
Base Transmission 7-speed Automatic (with manual mode)
All Transmission Options 7-speed Automatic (with manual mode)
Length 193.2
Width 76.9
Height 54.3
Cargo Capacity 15.9 cubic feet